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The Henhouse Mamas

No filter. No judgement. No Mom Guilt.

Open to moms-to-be, new mamas and experienced mothers.

No one can relate to a mom other than a fellow mama. Whether your little one is still on the way or you have a few years of motherhood under your belt, we could all use a little support. Sometimes a mom just needs to vent, cry or laugh, and know that you're not alone.

"I want to have an unmedicated delivery but don't think I can handle it."
"Did anyone else crap on the table when they gave birth?"
"On our scheduled sex night, I swapped out my Granny panties for black lacies. Looked over at my husband who was naked and passed out."
"My perfect baby has grown into a 2 year old jerk. Help."
"How do I fight off trying to be Supermom now that I've gone back to work?"

Bring your questions, your funny stories, and your good energy. There's no shame in sharing that you're battling the baby blues or that you (gasp) switched from cloth to the store-brand non-organic disposable diapers. We promise we won't call the Mom police.

What we'll provide:
- Light snacks and drinks.
- Play area for babies & toddlers and activity table for older kids.
- Dedicated Facebook group and Instagram feed.
- Most importantly: A safe, open, confidential space to share and connect.

The Mother of Meetups starts August 5th.

Every 1st and 3rd Friday from 10-11am at The Greenhouse in Old Sacramento. Free.

Connect with us in between meetups OR from outside Sacramento by joining our private Facebook group! Then follow us on Instagram for more fun.


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